Atelier 5

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Atelier 5. Group of Swiss architects established at Berne in 1955 by Erwin Fritz (1927–92), Samuel Gerber (1932–98), Rolf Hesterberg (1927– ), Hans Hostettler (1925– , retired 1990), and Alfredo Pini (1932– ). The firm is best known for its many housing developments in Switzerland, the most celebrated of which is the unified Halen complex of housing at Herrenschwanden, near Berne (1955–61), influenced by Le Corbusier's unrealized project for housing at La Sainte-Baume (1948), but also incorporating a grid-plan similar to that of the old town of Berne. Atelier 5's later work includes extensions to the Court House, Berne (1976–81), Students' Housing, University of Stuttgart, Vaihingen, Germany (1966–72), the Flamatt 3 Housing Development (1988), and Housing at Ried, Niederwangen (1990).


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