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mul·ti·ple / ˈməltəpəl/ • adj. having or involving several parts, elements, or members: multiple occupancy a multiple birth. ∎  numerous and often varied: words with multiple meanings. ∎  (of a disease, injury, or disability) complex in its nature or effects, or affecting several parts of the body: a multiple fracture of the femur. ∎  of or designating electrical circuits arranged in parallel. ∎  of or designating an electrical circuit that has several points at which connection can occur. • n. 1. a number that can be divided by another number without a remainder: 15, 20, or any other multiple of five. 2. an arrangement of terminals that allows connection with an electrical circuit at any one of several points.

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multipleapple, chapel, chappal, Chappell, dapple, grapple, scrapple •scalpel •ample, trample •pineapple •carpal, carpel •example, sample •sepal •stemple, temple •maple, papal, staple •peepul, people, steeple •tradespeople • sportspeople •townspeople • workpeople •cripple, fipple, nipple, ripple, stipple, tipple, triple •dimple, pimple, simple, wimple •Oedipal • maniple • manciple •municipal •principal, principle •participle • multiple •archetypal, disciple, typal •prototypal •hopple, popple, stopple, topple •gospel •Constantinople, copal, nopal, opal, Opel •duple, pupal, pupil, scruple •quadruple • septuple • sextuple •quintuple • octuple •couple, supple •crumple, rumple, scrumple •syncopal • episcopal • purple

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multiple consisting of many elements XVII. — F. — late L. multiplus, f. multus (see prec.); cf. duplus DUPLE.
So multiplex XVI. — L. (cf. -FOLD). multiplicity XVI. — late L. multiply XIII. — (O)F. multiplier — L. multiplicāre. multiplication XIV. — (O)F. or L. multitude XIV. — (O)F. — L.; hence multitudinous XVII.

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multiple Generally, re-reflected seismic energy. More specifically, multiple reflection which is detrimental to the data and should be removed by data processing. ‘Short-path’ multiples are ghosts and near-surface phenomena; ‘long-path’ multiples, which are easier to identify and remove, are due to extra reflections deep within the subsurface.

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