Is it True That the Bigger Your Shoe Size…

the bigger the shoe size the bigger

You know what they say, the bigger your shoe size the bigger your… other things.  Men have stressed about this old saying for years.  It’s commonly known that a man with bigger shoes may be packing a bigger friend in the downstairs department, but is it actually true?

Kids use this phrase to tease each other about the size of their penis and it’s even a dinner party joke well into adulthood.  While men stress over if their shoe size gives away how big or little their johnson is, many women still believe that size doesn’t actually matter.  Do bigger shoes mean a bigger penis?

The bigger the shoe size the bigger the…

It’s common misconception that shoe size indicates penis size. This means that no longer do men with small feet have to worry about being sized up before they take off their pants.  So if the bigger the shoe size the bigger the penis isn’t true – what does shoe size indicate?

Shoe size actually indicates the size of a foot.  Influenced by height, weight, genetics and other factors the size a person’s feet has absolutely nothing to do with their penis.  Sadly, this particular saying, and others is still used to humiliate and make people feel not good enough sexually.  But haven’t we all felt not good enough, enough times already?

A bigger shoe size means a bigger… sock size

A bigger shoe size means a bigger sock and pretty much only that.  It could also mean difficulty finding a pair of new shoes and usually makes store bought dress shoes a thing of the past.  In truth, even smaller shoe sizes don’t indicate smaller sized penises either.  This means that the size of person’s shoe doesn’t tell us anything about what is in their pants.

And that’s the way it should be.  Sayings like “the bigger the shoe size the bigger the penis” don’t really bring any helpful things to society.  They only give others something to use to tease and judge.  I think small shoe wearing men would agree that these old adages aren’t exactly funny when you’re the butt of the joke.  Even worse is when the teasing you get is because of something outside your control that you can’t change – like your feet.

And what does it matter if bigger shoes mean a bigger penis anyway?  For years, it seems penis size has been equated with macho and manly.  During those years the obsession with penis size let to terrible jokes and men feeling insecure in their own bodies.  But all bodies are good bodies and all penis sizes are good too.

In a world where everyone thinks the bigger the shoe size the bigger the penis, it’s hard to walk around with feet that look small – especially as a teenage boy in the locker room.  However the time for redemption has come.

The bigger the shoe size DOES not mean the bigger the penis and we need to stop talking about it.

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