Is it True That Kissing Burns 6.4 Calories?

kissing burns calories

Kissing does burn calories.  How many calories kissing burns actually depends on a few factors but experts say that it a good make-out session could be as beneficial as a brisk walk in the park. Does kissing burn 6.4 calories?  It could!  And the good news is the more passionately you do it, the more calories it could burn.

Kissing burns calories and has health benefits

Whether or not it’s true that kissing burns 6.4 calories doesn’t change the truth about it’s health benefits.  Laying one on someone we care about actually stimulates our mood and helps improve our immunity.  It also just makes us feel cared for.  Everyone knows that after a good session of slobber swapping on the couch they feel giddy.  That doesn’t just go for teenagers in puppy love either.  Even older adults who are kissing for the 5,000th time still get a head rush and a racing heart when they get into it hot and heavy.

Experts say the more we get into it the more we will get out of it.  The excitement from a good kiss increases our heart rate and blood flow.  We start to get amped up and sometimes aroused.  Getting winded while lip-locked is also a good sign that kissing is burning more calories.  Obviously a peck on the cheek isn’t a kiss that will burn 6.4 calories but a deeply passionate kiss could.  On average, a kiss actually burns between 2 and 3 calories per minute.  That means for a kiss to burn 6.4 calories, it would have to be over 3 minutes long.

Does kissing burn 6.4 calories?

3 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot when it comes to kissing but it’s actually longer than you may think.  3 minute kisses usually involve a little tongue and hopefully a lot more action. According to experts, the extra action is a good thing when it comes to burning calories.  The more intense and passionate a kiss is the more likely it is to burn 6.4 calories.  When couples make out and include heavy breathing and touching, maybe even some additional stimulation, the number of calories that kissing burns does go up.

Can kissing burn 6.4 calories per minute? It could under the right circumstances – but usually it involves more than just kissing.  Bryant Stamford, a professor at the University of Louisville says that if things get really really hot and heavy and you’re thrashing around, you may burn the same amount of calories while kissing as a brisk walk, which is about 4 calories per minute.

Even though kissing burns calories, it is unlikely to burn 6.4 calories per minute.  Unless you’re passionately involved, headed to the bedroom and slamming each other into walls on the way, kissing probably only burns about 3 calories per minute. However, kissing for a while leads to other intimate acts like foreplay, sex and orgasm.  Combined with the calories from kissing, a half hour romp with a partner could burn more than 7 calories a minute.

Kissing does burn calories but to burn 6.4 calories a minute you’d have to do quite a bit more than play tonsil hockey.

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