Is it True That Sperm is Good for Your Skin?

sperm good for skin

People are always trying new fads to try and improve their skin. From dietary fads to topical treatments, it seems there’s always a newly discovered ingredient that helps improve the complexion. Recently, many have been saying sperm is good for the skin but is it true that sperm is good for your skin? If so, what is the best way to use sperm for improving your skin? Researchers have since disproven the notion that sperm is good for your skin. That does not, however, mean sperm has no beneficial uses outside of pornography and making babies.

Why do people think sperm is good for your skin?

Marketing hype and the male ego are largely to blame for why people think sperm is good for your skin. Men would like to believe that their ejaculate is the stuff of magic and while it turns out there are healthcare applications of sperm, the science simply does not back up the myth that sperm is good for your skin.

Sperm may have minor benefits for dental health. According to Bustle “semen doesn’t just contain sperm, but also vitamins like zinc and calcium, which is why some claim it may help prevent tooth decay…. While semen does contain vitamins that help keep your teeth healthy, it might not contain those vitamins in concentrated enough amounts to actually make a difference.”

Many also are under the impression that this negligible combination of vitamins as well as the high protein content in sperm would provide nutritional value to the skin through topical treatment. Although the texture of sperm is not unlike a beneficial serum or gel, there is more to efficacy than texture.

There are sperm facials and sperm skin creams that make big promises but are in reality nonsense. One former Cosmopolitan editor famously extolled the virtues of sperm facials but despite her praises, the reality is she was duped. Turns out there is no proven evidence that sperm can provide any benefits to the skin.

Is sperm good for your skin?

Sperm is not good for your skin neither in terms of treating blemishes nor creating a more youthful appearance.  Dr. Will Kirby, a respected dermatologist in Los Angeles, explained to Cosmopolitan recently that “there is nothing in semen that has demonstrable skin benefits,” Kirby said. “Anyone who says otherwise is either misinformed or purposefully misleading you.”

Healthline further explained how useless sperm is in terms of treating acne specifically. “A common belief is that spermine — an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent found in sperm and cells throughout the human body — can combat blemishes. Again, no evidence exists to confirm this.”

Sperm facials are usually targeted at combatting the signs of aging on the skin. Sadly, the fountain of youth is not a euphemism for the male organ. “Spermine derives from spermidine. One study published in Nature Cell Biology found that injecting spermidine directly into cells can slow down the aging process. But little is known about the effects of applying it topically.”

In short, when it comes to skincare, stick to the science and skip the sperm!

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