Wong, Jade Snow 1922-2006

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Wong, Jade Snow 1922-2006

OBITUARY NOTICE— See index for SATA sketch: Born January 21, 1922, in San Francisco, CA; died of cancer March 16, 2006, in San Francisco, CA. Potter and author. Well known for her autobiography Fifth Chinese Daughter (1950), Wong was also a talented ceramic artist. Growing up within the Chinese immigrant community, she earned a B.A. from Mills College in 1942 and wanted to become a social worker and help other Chinese Americans like herself. After college, she initially worked as a corporate secretary, but soon abandoned that career when she realized there was a glass ceiling to the corporate ladder she would never break. Instead, remembering how she enjoyed a ceramics course she took at college, she opened Jade Snow Studio. The business was not only an art studio but also a travel agency and gift shop. Here she sold her ceramic pieces decorated in the traditional Chinese style. Her Fifth Chinese Daughter was published a few years later to a positive critical reception, and it would also become a standard on many school reading lists. She would follow this with The Immigrant Experience (1971) and a second autobiography, No Chinese Stranger (1975). Wong's autobiography was adapted to television as Jade Snow in 1976.



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Wong, Jade Snow 1922-2006

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