Hagerup, Klaus 1946–

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Hagerup, Klaus 1946–


Born March 5, 1946, in Oslo, Norway; son of Inger Hagerup (an author); children: Hilde.


Home and office—Gressvik, Norway.


Playwright, novelist, actor, and filmmaker. National Scene (theatre), Oslo, Norway, 1968-69, then National Theater and Hålogaland Theater, actor, teacher, director, and writer. Actor in films, including Helten På Den Grøne Øya, 1971, Løperjenten, 1981, Høvdingen, 1984, Noe Helt Annet, 1985, Plastposen, 1986, Måker, 1991, and Markus og Diana, 1996.

Awards, Honors

Sonja Hagemanns Barnebokpris, 1990, and Certificate of Honour for Writing, International Board on Books for Young People, 1993, both for Høyere en Himmenlen.



Landet der Tiden Var Borte, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1989.

Høyere enn Himmelen (also see below), Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1990.

I Går Var i Dag i Morgen, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1992.

(With Tande-P) De Glødende Hjerters Liga, 1993.

(With Jostein Gaarder) Bibbi Bokkens Magiske Bibliotek, Universitetsforlaget (Oslo, Norway), 1993.

Kristin og Håkon, 1993.

Drager Skal Fly, 1996.

Marie og Julesnapperen, 2000.

Kaninene Synger i Mørket, 2001.


Markus og Diana og Lyset fra Sirius (also see below), Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1994, translated as Markus and Diana, Front Street (Asheville, NC), 2006.

Markus og Jentene, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1997.

Markus og den Store Fotballkjærligheten, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1999.

Markus og Sigmund, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 2003.

Markus og Karaokekongen, Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 2004.


To Skuespill: Alice i underverdenen og Kuler i Solnedgangen (two plays), Gylendal (Oslo, Norway), 1974.

Det e Her æ høre tel og Ronnie (two plays), 1978.

To Skuespill fra Hålogaland Teater, Gylendal (Oslo, Norway), 1978.

I Denne Verden er atl Mulig (radio play/musical), Oktober (Oslo, Norway), 1979.

Roser er Røde: Skuespill, Oktober (Oslo, Norway), 1981.

Gullivers Siste Reise: Et Kjærlighetsdrama fra Verdens Begynnelse, Oktober (Oslo, Norway), 1982.

Pelle og Superstøvlene (radio play), Solum (Oslo, Norway), 1983.

Ninas Hemmelige Reise, illustrated by Bengt Olsson, Solum (Oslo, Norway), 1984.

Undrenes Tid, 1984.

Dyreklubben Møter Torden Olsen, 1986.

Heartbreak Hotel, 1987.

(With Carsten Palmær) Såpestykket, 1989.

Lisa og Demonen i den Gylne Byen (radio play), 1991.

Blå Fugler, 1993.

Drømmen om Sherwoodskogen og Marie og Spøkelset (two radio plays; for children), 1996.


Rivalen (television film), 1970.

I Denne Verden er Alt Mulig (television film), 1983.

(And director) Nikkerne (television film), 1984.

Høyere enn Himmelen (based on his novel), 1993.

(And assistant director) Markus og Diana (based on his novel Markus og Diana og Lyset fra Sirius), 1996.


Slik Tenker Jeg på Dere (poetry), 1969.

(With mother, Inger Hagerup) Alt er Så Nær Meg (autobiography), Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1988.

(With Tande-P) God Bedring (humor), 1991.

Seniorhumoristen (adult novel), Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 1994.

Maratonherren (adult novel), 1998.

Herremannen (adult novel), Aschehoug (Oslo, Norway), 2000.

(With Nils Nordberg) Siste Akt (crime novel), 2007.

Author of Desperadosklubben og den Mystiske Mistenkte (video game), 1985.


Norwegian author Klaus Hagerup has worked as a playwright, filmmaker, director, and actor in addition to writing fiction for teens and general readers. Sales of his first book, the poetry collection Slik Tenker Jeg på Dere, helped fund his education in theater. Although Hagerup initially considered himself an actor rather than writer, during the 1980s and 1990s writing became a larger part of his profession. "Today, Hagerup is considered one of the most important authors in Norway," wrote a contributor to the Internationales Literaturfestival, Berlin Web site.

Hagerup's novels are popular in and beyond Norway, and his works have been translated into several languages, including German and English. In addition, two of his novels for teens have been adapted for film. One of these, Markus og Diana og Lyset fra Sirius, has also been translated into English as Markus and Diana. In the novel, socially awkward and shy Markus is terribly afraid of girls. In order to express himself, he begins writing to celebrities by adopting various personas—a widow, a rich businessman, a track star—and asking for their autographs. When friend Sigmund persuades Markus to contact starlet Diana Mortensen, on whom Markus has a serious crush, she responds to the millionaire she thinks has written her asking for a meeting when she visits Norway. Rising to the challenge, Sigmund and Markus transform the geeky teen into a young man who could pass as the son of a millionaire.

The teens' "scheme goes awry in myriad hilarious ways," Sarah Ellis wrote in Horn Book. As they meet, Markus learns that hiding behind other personas may not be what he wants in life after all. "Many preteens will empathize with the boy's shyness and root for him to gain confidence," wrote Susan Riley in School Library Journal. Although a Kirkus Reviews contributor found the final meeting with Diana to be "anticlimactic," the reviewer acknowledged, "it does showcase Markus's growth and newfound willingness to take risks." The "Markus" series includes four following novels chronicling Markus's further adventures.

Along with the "Markus" series, Hagerup has written many plays and several other novels for children and young adults. His Kaninen Synger i Mørket is a story in the style of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Here young Else journeys into a mysterious world with rabbits who wear shorts and other bizarre creatures. He has also written an autobiography about life with his mother, Inger Hagerup, an author, playwright, and poet. Continuing the family tradition, Hagerup's daughter, Hilde Hagerup, is also an author.

Biographical and Critical Sources


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