Wood, Robert Paul 1931-

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WOOD, Robert Paul 1931-

(Robin Wood)

PERSONAL: Born February 23, 1931, in London, England; son of Robert (an artist) and Florence (Earthy) Wood; married Aline Macdonald, May 17, 1960 (divorced September, 1974); companion of Richard Lippe; children: Carin, Fiona, Simon. Education: Jesus College, Cambridge, B.A., 1953, diploma in education, 1954. Politics: "Marxist." Religion: "Atheist."

ADDRESSES: Home—40 Alexander St., Apt. 705, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y IB5. Offıce—Department of Fine Arts, Atkinson College, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

CAREER: Teacher of English at schools in England and Sweden, 1954-58, 1959-69; University of Lille, Lille, France, lecturer in English, 1958-59; Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, lecturer in film, 1969-72; University of Warwick, Coventry, England, lecturer in film studies, 1973-77; York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, professor of film study, beginning 1977. Campaign for Homosexual Equality, member.



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Also author of Where Nightmares End. Contributor to periodicals, including Movie, Film Comment, Times Educational Supplement, New Left Review, and Chaplin (Sweden).

SIDELIGHTS: Robert Paul Wood once told CA: "Two critics at Cambridge were very important influences: Dr. F. R. Leavis and A. P. Rossiter. My 'coming out' as a homosexual has been decisive on the direction my work has taken, notably in distancing me from 'establishment' ideology. I have come to believe that there is now only one valid motive for teaching and writing: to contribute, in however modest a way, to the possibility of social revolution, along lines suggested by radical feminism, Marxism, and gay liberation; as a corollary, to oppose all forms of fascism and oppression."



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