Weinberg, Marjorie 1934–

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Weinberg, Marjorie 1934–

PERSONAL: Born April 6, 1934, in Brooklyn, NY. Education: University of Michigan, B.A., 1956; Adelphi University, M.A., 1960; New York University, M.A., 1990.

ADDRESSES: Agent—c/o Author Mail, University of Nebraska Press, 233 N. 8th St., Lincoln, NE 68588-0255.

CAREER: Worked as speech and language pathologist; currently retired.


The Real Rosebud: The Triumph of a Lakota Woman, University of Nebraska Press (Lincoln, NE), 2004.

SIDELIGHTS: Marjorie Weinberg told CA: "In order to be able to write a book about the history of the prominent Yellow Robe Lakota Sioux family, going back several generations, I realized I needed firm academic footing. I enrolled at New York University for a graduate degree in cultural anthropology. Under the direction of Dr. Karen Blu, my thesis supervisor, I wrote about Rosebud Yellow Robe and the Jones Beach State Park Indian Village. When I had completed the manuscript for my book, she introduced me to a leading expert in the history of the Lakota, Dr. Ray De Maille. He read it with enthusiasm and recommended it to the University of Nebraska Press.

"The inspiration and motivation to write The Real Rosebud: The Triumph of a Lakota Woman came from Rosebud Yellow Robe herself. For our more than forty-year friendship, she had shared her wish to write the history of her family. I added to her wealth of family collections with research that I did over many years. Good luck had me locate correspondence between her parents and many outstanding people. One thing led to another, and with the cooperation of many members of her family I was able to complete the story.

"As Rosebud lay dying, I promised her I would write the story of her family. With the help of many good people, I was able to keep my promise."



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