Veronesi, Luigi (Mario) 1908-1998

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VERONESI, Luigi (Mario) 1908-1998


Born May 28, 1908, in Milan, Italy; died of a heart attack February 25, 1998, in Milan, Italy; married Ginetta Nicora, 1945; children: Silvio. Education: Studied painting under Carmello Violante and Rafaello Giolli, 1924-29; studied painting and experimental photography with Fernand Leger, 1932-35.


Independent graphic artist, 1928-98; Campo Grafico artists group, Milan, Italy, 1935-40; La Bussola group of photographers, Milan, co-founder and member, 1947-56; Gruppo MAC artists group, Milan, member, 1948-57. Exhibitions: Work included in permanent collection at Museo della Fotografia, Universita di Parma; Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Turin, Italy; Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Ancona; Galleria Civica, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara; Galleria Civica, Avezzano; Calcografia Nazionale, Rome, Italy; and Musee de Saint Paul de Vence, France. Individual exhibitions include Galleria il Milione, Milan, 1932, 1934; Galleria delle Cre, Milan, 1962; Musee Municipal, St. Paul de Vence, France, 1970; Studio Marconi, Milan, 1975; and Galleria Toninelli, Rome, Italy, 1981. Military service: Italian Resistance, member, 1940-45.


First Prize for Color, International Film Festival, 1949; Prix St. Gobain, 1966; Grand Prix, Quadriennale d'Arte (Turin, Italy), 1968.



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Known mainly as a figurative painter, Luigi Veronesi studied under artist Carmello Violante and critic Rafaello Giolli when he was sixteen years old. In Contemporary Photographers, Veronesi noted, "I am a painter; for fifty years I have been painting non-representational pictures and for the same time I have also been seeking to express myself in another medium: photography." His interest in photography included the technique of photogram, in which a picture is made without using a camera. Instead, light and light-sensitive materials are used, resulting in a picture that depicts an object only in dimensions of light and shades. Veronesi died in 1998.



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