Talmadge, Eric

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Talmadge, Eric






Journalist. News editor for Associated Press in Japan.


Getting Wet: Adventures in the Japanese Bath, Kodansha International (New York, NY), 2006.


Eric Talmadge is a journalist who was born in the United States, but as an editor for Associated Press, he has spent more than half his life living in Japan. In his book Getting Wet: Adventures in the Japanese Bath, he explores the culture of bathing in Japan. Spending time in a tub of steaming hot water is an important part of Japanese life, and has been for centuries. The abundance of volcanic hot springs in that country is part of the reason for the tradition of hot baths as therapy for just about everything. Talmadge cites evidence that the Japanese were bathing in hot springs as long as 10,000 years ago, and since then, the Japanese have included carbon dioxide, calcium, electricity, and radiation in their special baths. The author explores many other aspects of bathing history as well, and offers numerous tidbits of bathing trivia. His book "is not just dry journalese, though," according to C. Ogawa in a review on the Japan Visitor Web site. "Getting Wet is a humorous and well-written account of his take on baths and bathing in Japan." In addition to his essays on the history and cultural aspects of Japanese bathing, Talmadge also offers practical tips on where to go for public bathing in Japan, as well as tips on the special etiquette of the bath. Harold M. Otness, a reviewer for Library Journal, recommended the book as "a splendid selection for any travel collection."



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