Singh, Sonia

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Singh, Sonia


Born in CA. Education: California State University at Fullerton, bachelor's degree.


Writer. Previously worked in India writing for a television soap opera.



Goddess for Hire, Avon Trade (New York, NY), 2004.

Bollywood Confidential, Avon Books (New York, NY), 2005.

Ghost, Interrupted, Avon Trade (New York, NY), 2007.


Sonia Singh is a first-generation Indo-American whose novels provide a humorous look at both American and Indian cultures. Her first novel, Goddess for Hire, features Maya, an Indian-American woman who at thirty is single and not a doctor, which is a great disappointment to the rest of family, who are all doctors. In a strange turn of events, Maya is kidnapped by two men who say that she is the host for the return of the dark goddess Kali. They inform her that it is her duty to fight evil. In the meantime, Maya must deal with a fanatic trying to find Kali and kill Maya in the process. She is also dealing with her feelings about Tahir, an Indian man picked by Maya's aunt for an arranged marriage. Library Journal contributor Beth Gibbs remarked that the author's "descriptions of her [Maya's] lifestyle and her traditional family … are quite humorous." In a review on the Crescent Blues Book Views Web site, Kathryn Yelinek similarly observed that the author "writes with a witty, minimalist style."

Singh's second novel, Bollywood Confidential, tells the story of Raveena Rai, who is finding it tough to break into Hollywood films. She takes a role in a Bollywood film in India, looking at the project as an opportunity to also explore her Indian heritage. When she arrives in India, Raveena meets her Uncle Heeru, who lives with pigeons. Raveena, who ends up fighting off the advances of a Bollywood director, then meets the Bollywood superstar Siddharth and begins a torrid romance. Calling the novel a "zany, laugh-out-loud romp," Jenny McLarin added in Booklist that the author "provides a compelling description of Bombay." A Publishers Weekly contributor referred to Bollywood Confidential as a "snappy overseas romp."

Ghost, Interrupted features the members of the Cold Spot ghost-hunting firm: Scott Wilder, a former stockbroker with no paranormal powers; Anjali Kumar, an Indian-American psychic Scott hires to work for him; and Coulter Marshal, who uses telekinesis to move things with his mind. The novel revolves around the group's efforts to rid upscale homes of the ghosts that haunt them; Anjali's affairs with her two co-workers also occupy much of the plot. Eventually, the group finds itself in competition with a similar organization headed by Scott's ex-girlfriend as both groups try to rid a military base of a tortured dead soldier's ghost. In her review in Library Journal, Nanette Donohue wrote that "the result is fast paced and clever, and it works." Several reviewers also appreciated the author's ability to create interesting characters. For example, a Publishers Weekly contributor wrote that "the book's unlikely heroes make for pleasant company." Booklist contributor Kristine Huntley called Ghost, Interrupted "out-of-this-world fun … with a compelling cast."



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