Rustmann, F(rederick) W., Jr.

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RUSTMANN, F(rederick) W., Jr.

PERSONAL: Male. Education: Oklahoma State University, B.S.

ADDRESSES: Home—529 South Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach, FL 33401-5930.

CAREER: Central Intelligence Agency Clandestine Service, 1966-90; instructor at covert training facility, "The Farm". CTC International Group, Inc. (specializing in business intelligence), Palm Beach, FL, founder, 1992. Military service: Served with U.S. Marines.


CIA, Inc: Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence, Brassey's (Washington, DC), 2002.

Contributor to periodicals, including Baltimore Sun, Palm Beach Post, International Executive, and Sun-Sentinel.

SIDELIGHTS: In the course of F. W. Rustmann's career in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), he served in eight countries, covering Asia, Europe, and Africa. Rustmann held posts both as a case officer and as chief of station. His professional interests were primarily in the area of intelligence collection from both human and technical sources. Rustmann was also an instructor at "The Farm," the CIA's training center for covert activity. Upon his retirement he held a rank equivalent to that of a major general and belonged to the highly respected Senior Intelligence Service (SIS).

Immediately following his retirement Rustmann worked as a private consultant. This experience, coupled with the insight and understanding he gained during his CIA years, led to the founding of CTC International. This company, primarily a business-risk assessment company, was born from the perceived need of businesses to collect information and protect their own resources. Rustmann recognized early the value of proprietary intelligence in a competitive business environment. In a world where economic espionage is pervasive, teaching businesses to protect themselves was considered a necessity. This business was founded in 1992 and is based in Palm Beach, Florida.

CIA, Inc.: Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence links Rustmann's two careers—intelligence gathering and business risk assessment—in that it relies on the intelligence-gathering techniques he acquired during his CIA years and applies them to the business world. As a twenty-four-year veteran of the CIA's clandestine service, Rustmann is in a unique position to dispense advice on intelligence, be it gathering or protecting. The protection of information from business competitors has always been a matter of primary importance. Rustmann contends that it is always much cheaper and faster to steal a good idea than it is to develop it from the beginning. Recognizing this, and applying techniques of information protection learned during his career in espionage, Rustmann's book gives many techniques to protect that vital business resource, information. Means of protection, including security surveys, background checks and risk analysis, are presented and applied to the business setting.

In addition to this book, Rustmann has written articles for the Baltimore Sun, Palm Beach Post, and other publications. As a recognized expert in the field of intelligence, his opinion has been sought by CNN, the New York Times and Reuters News Agency.



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