Miller, Linda Lael 1949- (Linda Lael)

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Miller, Linda Lael 1949- (Linda Lael)


Maiden name rhymes with "sale"; born June 10, 1949, in Spokane, WA; daughter of Grady Eugene (a U.S. Park Service foreman) and Hazel Lael; married Rick M. Miller (a shipyard painter), October 12, 1968 (divorced, July, 1987); children: Wendy, Diane. Education: Attended high school in Northport, WA. Politics: Independent. Religion: Methodist.


Home and office—Spokane, WA. Agent—Irene Goodman, Irene Goodman Literary Agency, 521 5th Ave., 17th Fl., New York, NY 10017.


Writer. Rockwood Clinic, Spokane, WA, clerk, 1968-71; Aetna Insurance Co., Spokane, clerk, 1978-79; Pan American World Airways, Bangor, WA, clerk, 1980-81; writer, 1981—.


Most Sensual Historical Romance Award, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice, 1987, for Wanton Angel; Career Achievement Award, Romantic Times, 1990-91, for Series Love & Laughter, 1996-97, for historical fantasy; Best Historical Romance Sequel, Romantic Times, 1990-91, for Emma and the Outlaw; Best Historical Romance, Romantic Times, 1991-92, for Daniel's Bride; Talisman Book of the Year, 1993, for Forever and the Night; Best Historical Time-Travel, 1995-96, for Knights; Best Long Historical Romance, Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America Booksellers' Best Award, 1999, for A Springwater Christmas.


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Contributor of stories to confession magazines and Woman's World. Also contributor to anthologies, including Forever and the Night, edited by Jayne Ann Krentz, Berkley (New York, NY), 1993; Everlasting Love, edited by Jayne Ann Krentz, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 1997; Summer Sensations, edited by Linda Howard, Harlequin (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1998; Always & Forever, edited by Linda Howard, Harlequin (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1998; Jingle All the Way, Kensington (New York, NY), 2004; Beach Blanket Bad Boys, Kensington (New York, NY), 2005; and I'll Be Home for Christmas, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 2006.


"As an author of both historical and contemporary romances," wrote a Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers contributor, "Linda Lael Miller is acknowledged to write some of the genre's most explicitly sensual love scenes." Miller's historicals are often set in her native Pacific Northwest, while her novels set in contemporary times feature elements such as time travel and supernatural visitations, including ghosts and vampires. Her works have proved their attraction to both readers and critics. The author, wrote a Publishers Weekly contributor about Springwater Seasons: Rachel, "provides all the necessary components, including well-defined subplots and characters, to create a warm and cozy love story." "Miller," noted another Publishers Weekly contributor writing about My Outlaw, "tugs at the heart-strings as few authors can."

Whatever the circumstances surrounding her heroines, Miller's works almost invariably build to climaxes realized in torrid physical encounters. In her historicals, including Corbin's Fancy, My Darling Melissa, Lily and the Major, and Daniel's Bride, Miller "follow[s] a familiar storyline of romance novels," explained a Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers contributor. "A feisty heroine and a proud, hard-headed man meet, and are paired into an unlikely couple. Sparks begin to fly when she insists on declaring or maintaining her independence, no matter how superficially. They disagree on just about everything and seem incompatible except in bed. They are so involved in mutual pleasure that they forget their differences." Similar encounters mark Miller's contemporary and fantasy romances, such as Wild About Harry, in which a woman is visited by the ghost of her dead husband, or Knights, in which a young girl finds herself transported to thirteenth-century England, or even Time without End, in which a 600-year-old vampire reencounters a woman he knew in one of her past incarnations. "Once consummated, the relationship flares into passion at almost every opportunity," commented a contributor to Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers. "Occasionally, the heroine gets to take charge and torment her man to the point of exhaustion, but usually he controls the situation. With such a style it is no wonder that Miller was named ‘the Most Outstanding Writer of Sensual Romance.’"

In addition to her historical and supernatural romances, the author has become well known for a series of romances set in the West, such as McKettrick's Choice and The Man From Stone Creek. In an interview with Martina Bexte on the BookLoons Web site, Miller explained her love of Westerns: "To me, the cowboy is the great North American myth, the ideal of honor, courage and persistence we need to live up to. Also, I feel as if I grew up in the West, even though I wasn't born until 1949. Our first residence was a cabin, insulated with unfolded coffin boxes from the mortuary in Colville. (Pronounced CALLville, not Coalville.) We had no electricity or running water. My dad rodeoed for a while, and my uncle, Jack ‘Jiggs’ Lael, was quite a star on the circuit. He rode at Madison Square Garden and kissed several Miss Americas. He was Elvis handsome, too."

Miller has featured men from the McKettrick family in a series of Western-based romance novels. For example, in McKettrick's Choice, Holt McKettrick leaves his would-be mail-order bride and sets out to save a former Texas Ranger partner from being hanged on false charges. In the process of his adventure, he meets Lorelei Fellows, a beautiful but tough woman who can play poker and wants to start a cattle ranch. In a review of McKettrick's Choice, a Publishers Weekly contributor commented: "Strong characterization and a vivid western setting make for a fine historical romance." The Man from Stone Creek is another Western romance, this time featuring Ranger Sam O'Ballivan. Sam is working undercover as a schoolteacher when he meets and falls for the local post office mistress and mercantile store manager, Maddie Chancelor. A Publishers Weekly contributor wrote that the author's "tough Eastwoodian cowboy cuts a sharp, unexpectedly funny figure in a classroom full of rambunctious frontier kids."

Miller once told CA: "I consider Norman Vincent Peale's books invaluable to anyone, writer or non-writer. I've read them all. I read a lot of history, of course, and books on the writing craft. I would love to travel and intend to."



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