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McKENNA, Lindsay 1946-

(Beth Brookes, Eileen Nauman, Ai Gvhdi Waya)

PERSONAL: Born May 24, 1946, in San Diego, CA; married David G. Nauman, 1973. Education: Attended Kent State University, 1978; attended National Center of Homeopathy, 1985–89; British Institute of Homeopathy, doctorate of homeopathic medicine, 1993; Yavapai College, emergency medical technician certification.

ADDRESSES: Home—P.O. Box 2513, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Agent—Jay Acton, 928 Broadway, New York, NY 10010. E-mail[email protected]

CAREER: Writer, educator, and astrologer. Worked variously, including as teletype operator for stock market, legal secretary, and paralegal in contracts, 1967–80; Akron University, Akron, OH, creative writing teacher, 1975–80; Kent State University, Canton, OH, creative writing, Uranian, and medical astrology teacher, 1975–79; West Point Volunteer Fire Department, West Point, OH, firefighter, 1980–83; Union Institute, Cincinnati, OH, adjunct faculty, 1992; Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Phoenix, AZ, member of faculty. Has also practiced homeopathy, OH, 1970–90; medical astrologer since 1975. Military service: U.S. Navy, 1964–67: aerographer's mate third class, and meteorologist.

AWARDS, HONORS: Electronic Book of the Year, Romantic Times, 2001, for Valkyrie.



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Also author of screenplay Beginnings, 1993, and e-book Valkyrie. Contributor to anthologies, including Silhouette Christmas Stories, 1990; Silhouette Christmas Anthology, Midnight Clear, Silhouette, 2001; White Wolf, Silhouette, 1997; Men in Uniform, Harlequin, 1994; The Heart's Command, Silhouette Books, 2002; Love and War, Silhouette, 2003; and Snowy Nights, 2003.

ADAPTATIONS: Valkyrie was optioned for film.

WORK IN PROGRESS: A novel titled High Risk.

SIDELIGHTS: Lindsay McKenna primarily writes romance novels under her own name, as well as the pseudonyms Beth Brookes and Eileen Nauman. She has also written a New Age book under the pseudonym Ai Gvhdi Waya. In addition to being a prolific writer, the author, who once served in the U.S. Navy, is credited with creating a sub-genre of romance novels known as the military adventure/romance novel. "My books, whether fiction or nonfiction, ultimately reflect me, my experience, my philosophy toward living life, and observing people and situations around me," commented the author in Twentieth-Century Romance & Historical Writers. A contributor to the same work noted that McKenna "specializes in the romance for the modern woman in which the heroine, far from being a shrinking violet, actively participates in 'a man's world.' McKenna's style is colloquial, and she uses dialogue to enhance the immediacy of the situation. Descriptions are kept to a minimum, and are used to reinforce the technical background to her stories." As the writer went on to note, "the combination of action-packed stories, the element of excitement, and the emphasis on the less glamorous aspects of life lend an air of solid reality to McKenna's book."

McKenna's military-romance novels, which include several sub-series, comprise the "Morgan's Mercenaries" books. In Man with a Mission, retired U.S. Army Ranger Jake Travers needs Morgan's help to rescue his sister, who is missing in Peru. Morgan cannot spare any men at the moment but directs Jake to Lieutenant Ana Cortina, an American soldier and guide currently working on assignment in Peru. Jake is suspicious of a woman's ability to help him in what could be a dangerous undertaking, but eventually realizes that Ana is more than capable. As the two hunt for Jake's sister, a romance begins to develop. Harriet Klausner, writing on her book review Web site that "the story line is fast-paced and very descriptive." Klausner went on to call the effort "a strong entry in one of the better ongoing romantic suspense series of the past few years."

In Heart of the Tiger McKenna tells the story of Roan Storm Walker, a man who is still trying to get over his wife's death. A dream about an Amazon woman leads Roan to the Brazilian rain forest where he meets the woman of his dreams in the form Inca, an environmentalist and a warrior member of the Black Jaguar Clan. Together, along with the help of Morgan and his mercenaries, the two fight drug dealers as they explore their passions. Klausner, once again writing on her Web site, commented that the book "contains all the non-stop action, adventure, exotic locale, and passion of the previous novels." The reviewer also noted, "Mysticism augments the exhilarating plot."

McKenna tells of the romance between Major Dave York and Captain Maya Stevenson in Heart of Stone. Dave is a chauvinist who taught Maya how to fly but does not think women can handle combat. Years later, the two are thrust together when Dave faces a court-martial for discrimination. He goes to Peru to help Maya learn how to fly a new helicopter and, in the process, prevents his court-martial. Maya is the sister of Inca, from Heart of the Tiger and also a member of the Black Jaguar Clan who has psychic abilities that help her in combat. "The sexual tension between Dave and Maya feels as if the pages will burn the fingers of the reader," wrote Klausner on her Web site.

Daughter of Destiny takes place primarily in the Australian outback and features the Cherokee woman Kai. Court-martialed out of the service, Kai goes to seek an aborigine shaman to help her recover a stolen totem from her tribe. She is accompanied by Jake Carter, and the two soon develop a romance, despite Kai's dislike of men. Writing on her Web site, Klausner noted that "the audience will empathize with the heroine who had a physically abusive father and grew up determined to be strong so that no man would hurt her again." In a sequel to Daughter of Destiny, titled Sister of Fortune, the romance is between U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Vickey Mabrey, who is also a Native American, and Warrant Officer Griff Hutchinson. The two come together on a mission to find the stolen Ark of Crystals, a powerful force for either good or for evil. "This is an exciting paranormal military tale that has touches of intrigue, Native American mysticism, and romance," noted Klausner, this time writing for MBR Bookwatch. In Wild Woman, McKenna teams up CIA Agent Mace Phillips and CWO2 Jessica "Wild Woman" Merrill to find another totem that was seen in a vision by Kai. In addition to their mission, Jessica soon finds herself personally interested in Mace, trying to make the widower smile again. Klausner noted in MBR Bookwatch that "as with its predecessors … Native American mythos is infused into the plot."

Enemy Mine features Kathy Trayern, a Marine helicopter pilot seeking to avenge the pain and suffering of her family at the hands of South American criminals while she is on assignment to rescue a kidnap victim in Peru. Trayern infiltrates the gang and meets Mac Coulter, also an undercover agent. However, neither knows the other's true identity and they struggle with their growing feelings for each other. Klausner noted in MBR Bookwatch that the author "provides a taut thriller that stars two delightful protagonists."



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