McHughen, Alan 1954-

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McHughen, Alan 1954-


Born April 13, 1954, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; son of Gordon McHughen and Olive Urquhart Martin; married Jane Billinghurst (divorced); married Donna Greschner (a professor); children: Stephanie A., Nicola A. Education: Dalhousie University, B.Sc. (with honors), 1976; Oxford University, D.Phil., 1979.


Office—Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521; fax: 951-827-5717. E-mail—[email protected]


Yale University, New Haven, CT, lecturer, 1979-82; University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, professor and senior research scientist, 1982-2000; University of California, Riverside, biotechnology specialist and geneticist, 2002—.


International Society for Biosafety Research, American Society for Plant Biology.


Pandora's Picnic Basket: The Potential and Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods, Oxford University Press (New York, NY), 2000.

Biotechnology and Food for Canadians, Fraser Institute, Centre for Studies in Risk and Regulation (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2002.


Alan McHughen once told CA: "The public needs more accurate scientific information presented in an accessible style. Many controversial issues in modern society are based on science and technology, so a meaningful discussion and debate requires at least a basic understanding of the underlying science. As a public-sector educator and research scientist, I have the experience of teaching people enough about the technical details that they can evaluate the various arguments for themselves."