McDowell, R(obert) B(rendan) 1913-

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McDOWELL, R(obert) B(rendan) 1913-


Male. Born 1913, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Agent—c/o Author Mail, Lilliput Press, 62-63 Sitric Road, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, Ireland.


Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, fellow, 1951-81, junior dean, 1956-69, reader in history, 1962-67, associate professor of modern history, 1967-80, Erasmus Smith's Professor of Oratory, 1980-84, fellow emeritus, 1981—.


LL.D, Trinity College, Dublin, 2003.


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R. B. McDowell spent decades studying and teaching Irish history at the University of Dublin. He also wrote and edited numerous respected, scholarly works during that time, and his literary output did not slow when he became a fellow emeritus in 1981. Perhaps the most notable of these later books is Crisis and Decline: The Fate of the Southern Unionists. The book examines both the relatively well-known story of how Irish unionists—those who wanted Ireland to remain within the British Empire—participated in the struggles for and against Irish independence from the 1880s through 1921, and the lesser-known tale of what happened to those unionists after Irish independence became a reality. McDowell, an "obviously unrepentant" unionist himself, has written a book that "is characterised by a profound sense of sympathetic involvement with the subject matter," Paul Bew commented in the Spectator. McDowell even closes the book with a description of his own experiences as a unionist living in the Republic of Ireland, a memoir that English Historical Review contributor D. George Boyce termed "a most absorbing and delightful piece of writing." This does not mean, however, that McDowell is blind to the faults of the unionists; "he also shows how arrogant and overbearing they often were," Geoffrey Wheatcroft noted in the New Statesman. Although not a traditional, objective historical study, Crisis and Decline is valuable, commented Choice critic H. T. Blethen, for "provid[ing] another perspective to a history that traditionally has been fixed on the winners."



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McDowell, R(obert) B(rendan) 1913-

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