Jensen, Dorothea

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JENSEN, Dorothea

PERSONAL: Married to David Jensen. Education: Graduated from Carleton College, 1967.

CAREER: Writer. Former English teacher.


The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, Harcourt (San Deigo, CA), 1989.

SIDELIGHTS: Searching for a way to make American history come alive for her own children, former English teacher Dorothea Jensen wrote her first young-adult novel, The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, as part contemporary adolescent literature, part mystery, and part historical journey. In it twelve-year-old Lars Olafson and his family move from Minnesota to Pennsylvania where Lars's dying Aunt Cass has concealed the fate of her Penncroft Farm in a hidden will. Lars not only must find the will while struggling with the usual hassles of moving to a new school, but he also meets a mysterious young boy who regales him with 200-year-old stories from nearby Valley Forge. The boy's appearence in Lars's life adds the element of a friendly ghost story to the proceedings. Elizabeth Mellett of the School Library Journal appreciated the "entertaining mystery . . . combined with . . . enthralling tales of the American Revolution," and felt that the book's "two terrific stories . . . intertwined nicely and come together in a satisfying conclusion." In Booklist Barbara Elleman noted, "After an uneven beginning . . . the plot smooths out into a fascinating merge of contemporary concerns . . . and historical facts."



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