Janczuk, Veronica E. 1992-

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JANCZUK, Veronica E. 1992-


Born January 27, 1992, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Ethnicity: "Caucasian."


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Allie's Journey (fiction), Trafford Publishing (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), 2005.

Work represented in anthologies.


Veronica E. Janczuk told CA: "At the age of thirteen, I never thought I could do it. At the age of forty, my teacher never thought I could do it. At the age of ninety-something, my grandmother never thought I could do it. With determination, courage, and the power to see things in a different light, I proved everyone wrong. I wrote and self-published my first young adult novel. It pains me, though, to know I have to be sixteen to gain the audience of publishers such as Scholastic, Arthur Levine, and others. I wrote with one thing in mind: there was one person who believed in what I was doing, and that was me. I always told myself to follow the dreams that lay within the grasp of my hand.

"My entire life influences my work. For thirteen years, I have suffered hell; I have suffered from ignorant people and their harsh, downcast words; I have starved for kindness and respect. To be able to put that story into words is amazing. It is why I write now and why I will write until the sky falls.

"My first novel was a test for me. Could I do it? It is fiction, the kind of fiction you would read if the world were perfect. My next novel, the sequel, will be based carefully on real life and on the fact that things don't always happen the way we want them to.

"My life stands in my way. That is why I am always battling evil and more evil. I tell myself that the sun will always shine. And so it does."