Heitzmann, Kristen

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PERSONAL: Female. Married, husband's name Jim; children: three sons, one daughter. Education: Attended University of Colorado. Hobbies and other interests: Hiking, camping, reading, anything artistic.

ADDRESSES: Home—Colorado Springs, CO. Agent— c/o Bethany House Publishers, 11400 Hampshire Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55438.

CAREER: Author. Music minister with People of Praise (ecumenical covenant community).



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SIDELIGHTS: Author Kristen Heitzmann fell in love with the world of books at the age of four, when her father taught her to read. She started writing when she was in elementary school, illustrating her own miniature books. Fantasy crept into her games, where she played cowboys and Indians with her brother and went exploring. Sports and music also played a major role in her childhood. At the University of Colorado, she studied English and creative writing, but once she married she turned her attention toward her growing family. She and her husband, Jim, have four children whom they primarily home school, and Heitzmann also serves as a music minister with People of Praise, an ecumenical covenant community.

Heitzmann eventually rekindled her love of writing and began to work on a series of novels. Her husband took over some of the chores and many of their children's activities to allow her the time to write. The result has been two series of Christian-fiction romance novels, the "Rocky Mountain Legacy" series and the "Diamond of the Rockies" series, as well as several standalone novels. Many of the books reflect Heitzmann's love of her home state of Colorado and the surrounding countryside, and she has worked to incorporate the tenants of her faith, as well. In an interview with Rachel Potter for LikesBooks.com, Heitzmann explained her process. "I first create the characters, put them in conflict, give them 'real-life' challenges that provoke questions into the deeper meanings of life, and give them an opportunity to confront the things of faith, relationship, grief, longing, and the myriad emotions that drive our thoughts and decisions."

The "Rocky Mountain Legacy" books begin with Honor's Pledge. Abbie Martin is just coming of age in post-U.S. Civil War Colorado, and the story follows her as she tries to decide whether she should marry her childhood friend or the new man in town. Subsequent books recount Abbie's life as Mrs. Monte Farrel, through happiness and hardship. Melissa Hudak, reviewing Honor's Quest for Library Journal, commented of Heitzmann that she "often allows a bit too much melodrama too overwhelm the plot, but this failing is tempered by a dynamic and believable female lead." Also reviewing for Library Journal, Melanie C. Duncan called Honor's Disguise "another action-packed Western for fans of the series."

Twilight, one of Heizmann's contemporary novels, tells the story of former lovers brought back together in their small hometown. Cal is a fireman who never left, while Laurie was anxious to spread her wings and married the son of a senator who aspired to play professional baseball. Now divorced with two children, Laurie returns home in order to settle down. John Mort, reviewing the novel for Booklist, noted that "both Cal and Laurie ring true as small-town types with their careful, rather sad lives." Publishers Weekly contributor Jana Riess found the climax to be "well-written but thoroughly conventional."

In A Rush of Wings Heizmann introduces readers to Noelle, a rich girl running from a powerful father after his protegé abuses and rapes her. She ends up on a Christian ranch in a small town in Colorado, where her attraction to the owner, Rick, soon leads to an engagement. Noelle is forced to come to terms with her feelings while trying to dodge the private investigator whom her father has sent to locate her. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly stated that "the novel offers some humorous moments . . . and lovely nature details about the Rocky Mountains."



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