Gromov, Dmitry E. 1963-

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GROMOV, Dmitry E. 1963-

(Henry Lion Oldie, a joint pseudonym)


Born March 30, 1963, in Simferopol, Krim, USSR (now Ukraine); son of Eugeny and Larisa (Tochinina) Gromov; married Bronislava Tumarkina (a homemaker), April 15, 1989; children: Sergey. Ethnicity: "European." Education: Kharkov Polytechnical Institute, graduated, 1986, master's degree, 1991. Hobbies and other interests: Rock music, karate.


Home and office—Pushkinsky Entry, No. 10, Apartment 28, Kharkov, Ukraine 61024. E-mail—[email protected]


Scientific-Research Institute of Main Chemistry, Kharkov, USSR (now Ukraine), chemical engineer, 1986-89; Norma Ltd., Kharkov, director of polygraphic department, 1991-92; Revansh Ltd., Kharkov, art editor, 1992-93; freelance writer, 1994—. Member of ballot committees for Interpresscon and Bronze Snail awards, 1996—, Start awards, 1997—, and Aelita awards, 2000—; guest on Russian radio programs.


(All shared with Oleg S. Ladyzhensky) Start award for best debut science-fiction or fantasy book, Aelita organization, 1995, for To Enter into Image and The Way; MoonSword Award from Stranger organization, 1997, for Stepchildren of the Eighth Commandment; Moshe Dayan Prize, Israel Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Club, 1997, and Gold Medal, Shao Lin U-Shu Association of Russia, 2001, both for Messiah Cleans the Disk.



To Enter into Image (novel and short stories), Second Pancake Creative Studio (Kharkov, Ukraine), 1994.

The Way (novel and short stories), Second Pancake Creative Studio (Kharkov, Ukraine), 1994.

The Right of Death (novels), Polygraphist (Barnaul, Russia), 1995.

The Hero Must Be Alone (novel), Polygraphist (Barnaul, Russia), 1996.

The Way of the Sword (novel), Argus (Moscow, Russia), 1996.

Arisen from Paradise (novels), Folio (Kharkov, Ukraine), 1996.

The Stained Glasses of Patriarchs (novels and short fiction), Polygraphist (Barnaul, Russia), 1996.

Stepchildren of the Eighth Commandment (novels and short fiction), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1996.

The Twilight of the World (novels), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1996.

Messiah Cleans the Disk (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1997.

Let Them Die (novel and short stories), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1997.

The Beast-Book (novels and short fiction), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1997.

Black Trouble-maker (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), Volume 1: The Thunderstorm in Beznalya, 1997, Volume 2: The Net for the World Lords, 1998, Volume 3: Go Where You Want,, 1998.

I'll Take It Myself (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1998.

We Are to Live Here (novel), Volume 1: Armageddon Happened Yesterday, Volume 2: To Drink Blood by Handfuls, EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1999, new edition in one volume, 2001.

(With A. Valentinov, M. Dyachenko, and S. Dyachenko) The Border (novel), Ozon (St. Petersburg, Russia), 1999, new edition, EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2001.

Noperapon, or in Image (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1999.

Waiting at the Crossroads (novels and short fiction), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 1999.

Mage in Law (novel), two volumes, EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2000.

Odisseus, the Son of Laertes (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), Volume 1: The Man of Nomos, 2000, Volume 2: The Man of Cosmos, 2001.

Alien among Familiars (poetry, fiction, operetta, and interview), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2001.

The Almshouse of God (novel), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2001.

The Abyss of Hungry Eyes (novels and short fiction), two volumes, EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2001.

Your Way Out (novel and short stories), EKSMO (Moscow, Russia), 2002.

Work represented in many Russian-language anthologies. Contributor of more than fifty short stories to periodicals, including Fantast, Raysky Ugolok, Elite, Zvezdnaya Doroga, Rolemancer, Iskatel, Porog, Black Mask, Kiev Gazette, and Icarus. Many of these titles have been reprinted in various combinations, including CD-ROM publications, and translated into other languages, including Lithuanian.


Some of Gromov's short stories have been broadcast on Russian radio programs.


Shutiha, a novel about a female jester, with Oleg S. Ladyzhensky, under joint pseudonym Henry Lion Oldie, for EKSMO (Moscow, Russia).


Dmitry E. Gromov told CA: "I write from an inner need—to write about things which interest me or excite me. My coauthor, Oleg Ladyzhensky, and I discuss a theme, heroes, plot, ideas, and other components of each new book. Then we divide the book into parts, and each writes his own part separately. Then we show each other what we wrote and edit our text. Then the work is complete. Over the years, our work contains less action, but more philosophy and psychology."