Gorini, Catherine A. 1949-

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Gorini, Catherine A. 1949-


Born July 25, 1949, in Beverly, MA; daughter of Eugene J. and Mary (McNees) Gorini. Ethnicity: "White."Education: Cornell University, A.B., 1971; University of Virginia, Ph.D., 1982.


Home and office—1000 N. 4th St., Fairfield, IA 52557- 1066. Agent—Elizabeth Frost-Knappman, P.O. Box 5, Chester, CT 06412. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer and educator. Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA, professor of mathematics, 1978—, and dean of faculty. Also teacher of transcendental meditation. Maharishi Spiritual University, trustee.


American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Association for Women in Mathematics.


Award for distinguished college teaching of mathematics, Mathematical Association of America.


Geometry at Work, Mathematical Association of America (Washington, DC), 2000.

The Facts on File Geometry Handbook,Facts on File (New York, NY), 2003.


A textbook on geometry for art students; research in relationships between geometry and art; research on interactive geometry Web pages.


Catherine A. Gorini told CA: "I have always loved mathematics and have always enjoyed sharing this love with others. I particularly enjoy the visual areas of geometry—primarily geometry and topology—and their applications in the visual arts.

"As a college teacher of mathematics, I want my students to develop a deep appreciation of mathematics. Since many people can relate to the visual arts more easily than to mathematics, I have found ways to introduce important mathematical ideas within the framework of art.

"I am also a practitioner and teacher of the transcendental meditation technique, and I have found that, as I grow in the experience and knowledge of human consciousness, I gain a deeper understanding of the nature of mathematics and the purpose of art.

"In my writing, I try to connect the deepest ideas in mathematics to the deepest structures of human awareness, enlivening and uplifting the senses, mind, intellect, and feelings of the reader."



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