Ferguson, Jo Ann 1953–

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Ferguson, Jo Ann 1953–

(Jo Ann Brown, J.A. Ferguson, Joanna Hampton, Jocelyn Kelley, Rebecca North)

PERSONAL: Born October 23, 1953, in Granville, NY; daughter of Nelson D. (a farmer) and Verna (a seamstress) Brown; married William E. Ferguson (an industrial engineer), September 25, 1976; children: Laura, Peter, Marianne. Education: State University College at Potsdam, B.A., 1974; also attended Marywood College and University of Cincinnati.

ADDRESSES: Home and office—P.O. Box 26, Whitinsville, MA 01588. Agent—Jennifer Jackson, Donald Maass, 121 W. 27th St., Ste. 801, NY 10001.

CAREER: Writer. Brown Learning Community, Providence, RI, instructor, 1993–96, 2000–; established the romance writing course at Brown University. Military service: U.S. Army, 1975–76; became second lieutenant; received Army Commendation Medal.

MEMBER: Romance Writers of America (national president, 1998–2000), Novelists, Inc., Authors Guild.

AWARDS, HONORS: Massachusetts Arts grant, 1991; ARTemis Award, Romance Writers of America, 1998, for The Counterfeit Count, and 2001, for The Christmas Bride; Sime-Gen Reviewer's Choice Award for best historical novel, for Daughter of the Fox; Emma Merritt National Service Award, Romance Writers of America; first Goldrick Service Award, Romance Writers of America (New England chapter).


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Contributor to books, including Encyclopedia of Romanticism: Culture in Britain, 1780s–1830s, Garland, 1992; Novel and Short Story Market, Writer's Digest Books, 2000; and to Zebra Regency anthologies, including A Mother's Joy, 1994; Valentine Love, 1996; A Winter Kiss, 1997; Spellbound Hearts, 1997; Mistletoe Kittens, 1999; Sweet Temptations, 2000; A Kiss for Mama, 2001; A Kiss for Papa, 2002; Murder at Almack's, Kensington, 2003; A Valentine Waltz, Kensington, 2004; Valentine Kittens, Kensington, 2005; Wedding Day Kittens, Kensington, 2005; and, as Rebecca North, to A June Betrothal, Zebra Regency, 1993. Contributor to periodicals, including Woman's World.

WORK IN PROGRESS: The Nethercott Tales—Regency-set historicals with suspense and paranormal elements, to be published by Signet Eclipse.

SIDELIGHTS: Jo Ann Ferguson is a prolific author who has written at least several books a year since the 1980s. She is the top-selling author of Regency romances and historical novels for Kensington Publishing and writes paranormal novels under the name J.A. Ferguson and historical novels under the pen name Joanna Hampton. She has also written inspirational books under her maiden name, Jo Ann Brown.

Kristin Ramsdell reviewed several of Ferguson's books for the Library Journal, including A Model Marriage, in which Patrick Fairchild, Duke of Exton looks for a way to convince the schoolmaster's daughter, the voluptuous Antonia Locke, to pose nude for his painting of Venus. Ramsdell described the duke as "a persistent, rakehell hero" and the heroine as "forthright, practical." The critic also noted the "charming language, well-handled sexual tension." Ferguson provided one of three novellas to Mistletoe Kittens, a volume that features a number of animals, children, and holiday themes. In Ferguson's "Beneath the Kitten Bough," three young matchmakers employ the help of a small kitten in trying to bring together their uncle and a young woman. Ramsdell called the collection "worthy, well-done." A Guardian's Angel finds Angela Needham leaving her brother and sister-in-law's London home for a position in the country, where she will tutor the India-raised ward of the Duke of Oslington. Here she finds herself in the middle of a feud between the duke and a second man, one of whom will become her romantic interest. Ramsdell noted that this book "should please fans who favor Regencies with a rural touch."

Booklist contributor John Charles reviewed His Lady Midnight, the heroine of which is Phoebe Brackenton, a member of the aristocracy who rescues innocent people convicted and sentenced to deportation by the British justice system. When the heroine is nearly caught by the government, Lord Galen Townsend steps up to help. Charles noted that the novel has "a good measure of suspense and danger." The critic also reviewed His Unexpected Bride, in which neither Tess Masterson nor her new husband remember a wedding taking place, even though they are in possession of papers that prove that it did. Charles called this novel "a nicely developed love story."

Ferguson has continued to produce numerous mystery, romance, and historical novels into the twenty-first century. In Moonlight on Water, the author focuses on River's Haven, Indiana, a utopian community facing numerous problems, including its approach to marriage. When Rachel Browning considers an offer of love and marriage from an outsider working on a nearby docked steamboat, she finds both herself and the young orphan she has been caring for coming under unpleasant scrutiny from fellow community members. John Charles, writing in Booklist, noted that the utopian community created by the author provides the "historical romance [with] an interesting twist."

A Rather Necessary End is a mystery-romance that finds Lady Priscilla Flanders' hunting down the murderer of the Duke of Meresden after he is found dead in Priscilla's garden. Priscilla teams up with Neville Hathaway, a friend of her late husband, to find the killer and a romance soon develops. Booklist contributor John Charles called the book "an amusing blend of mystery and romance." Romantic Times Web site contributors Angela Keck and Teresa Roebuck predicted that "readers can't help but fall in love with the characters." Lady Priscilla Flanders returns in Faire Game. At a medieval fair with Neville, Priscilla and her beau soon become involved in a mystery when one person is wounded by an arrow and one of the actors in the pageant is killed the same way. Writing again for the Romantic Times Web site, Roebuck called the book "a deliciously wicked tale."

In The Perfect Bride Ferguson focuses on the Dunsworthy women: sisters Bianca and Primrose and their Aunt Millicent. When Lucian, the Earl of Wandersee, has an accident and wanders into the vicinity of the Dunsworthy cottage, Bianca sets out to match him with her shy sister, Primrose. Booklist reviewer Charles believed that this novel has "a refreshingly different flavor." The follow-up novel, A Primrose Wedding, finds Priscilla still unmarried but extremely attracted to Rupert Jordan, Lord Fortenbury, as they both share a common interest in Egypt. However, Rupert is also being pursued by Ophelia King, forcing Priscilla to overcome her shyness and take a stand. Charles, once more writing for Booklist, described the book as "gracefully written, quietly nuanced."

Writing under the pseudonym of Jocelyn Kelley, Ferguson has also produced a series of novels that take place in the Middle Ages. In A Knight Like No Other the author features the sisters of St. Jude's Abbey, who also happen to be versed in the art of war in order to protect their queen. When Avisa de Ware is sent on a mission to protect the queen's godson, Christian, she soon finds herself falling in love with him, a feeling that may compromise her abilities to protect him. Nina C. Davis, writing in Booklist, commented that the book "brims with strong historical flavor." One Knight Stands finds novice Elspeth Braybooke on a mission in Wales to find the Llech-lafar, a stone that Welsh legend says will lead to the death of the king if he steps on it. While searching for the stone, Elspeth comes upon Prince Tarran ap Llyr, whom she soon finds herself helping to protect, while also falling in love. Writing on the Best Reviews Web site, Harriet Klausner referred to the book as "a terrific medieval romance that stars two fabulous warriors falling in love with one another."

Ferguson told CA: "Since I saw my first byline on the front page of my local newspaper when I was in eighth grade, I was inspired to write for publication. That aspiration was put on hold while I served in the U.S. Army, although I continued to write for my personal enjoyment. When my husband accepted a job in the Boston area in late 1984, I remained behind in the Detroit area with three small children while I waited for our house to sell. In those three months, I wrote my first book on a manual typewriter and began the second. I was hooked. In 1987, I sold my first books in a multi-book contract, and I still love the writing process as much now as I did when I began.

"I write five days every week—mornings and afternoons. On a tight deadline, I may add another day to my schedule, but it's important to me to balance family and career. I start each project with a synopsis of the work. Then I write the scenes for the book as they come to me rather than from page one to the end of the book. This keeps me from hitting that infamous writers' block. I have been influenced and inspired by my favorite authors—Robert Heinlein, Madeline L'Engle, and Elizabeth Peters. My eclectic choice of reading has led to my work in multiple genres."



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