Evans, Lisa M. 1970–

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Evans, Lisa M. 1970–

PERSONAL: Born June 30, 1970, in Omaha, NE; daughter of Clarence (in construction) and Irene (a seamstress; maiden name, Salters) Evans; children: Alexis M., Alonna M. Ethnicity: "African American." Education: Cleveland State University, B.S., 1988. Politics: Democrat. Religion: Pentecostal.

ADDRESSES: Agent—c/o Author Mail, Marquise Publishing, P.O. Box 43821, Richmond Heights, OH 44143. E-mail:[email protected].

CAREER: Writer. Cuyahoga County Department of Job and Family Services, Cleveland, OH, self-sufficiency coach, 1999–.

MEMBER: Publishers Marketing Association, Golden Key.


Transforming a Pear into an Hourglass (nonfiction), Marquise Publishing (Richmond Heights, OH), 2004.

Emotions (poetry), Marquise Publishing (Richmond Heights, OH), 2005.

SIDELIGHTS: Lisa M. Evans told CA: "I have been writing since the age of six. I love creating written works that express my thoughts and feelings. I am influenced by my mother, who was always buried in a book. She had an amazing collection of hardcover books that was unfortunately destroyed in a flooded basement.

"I write from emotion. I explore my topics from an emotional rather than intellectual point of view. When I wrote Transforming a Pear into an Hourglass, I approached the topic of weight loss from the emotional process of losing weight instead of just focusing on diet and exercise. Writing poetry has always been my release. When I don't know how to express myself verbally, I put my feelings in a poem. The written word is my best form of expression."