Ballis, Stacey 1970-

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Ballis, Stacey 1970-


Born May 25, 1970, in Chicago, IL; married, August, 1994 (divorced, 2001). Education: Brandeis University, bachelor's degree, 1992; DePaul University, master's degree, 1995.


Office—Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60601.


Writer, educator, and television broadcaster. Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL, director of education and community programs, 2000—. Previously taught high school English in the Chicago Public Schools for four years, then director of education at a professional Chicago theater.



Inappropriate Men, Red Dress Ink (Don Mills, Ontario, Canada), 2004.

Sleeping Over, Red Dress Ink (Don Mills, Ontario. Canada), 2005.

Room for Improvement, Berkley Books (New York, NY), 2006.

The Spinster Sisters, Berkley Books (New York, NY), 2007.

Also author of the Stacey Ballis blog.


In her debut novel, Inappropriate Men, author Stacey Ballis tells the story of an affair between the married, thirty-something Sidney Stein, who admits she is fat but that she is beautiful nonetheless, and Geoffrey Fahl, who is in his fifties and a partner in her father's law firm. However, Sidney becomes jealous of Geoffrey's wife and decides to play the field, ending up dating mostly inappropriate men. contributor Harriet Klausner commented that the author "provides a deep character study of a big babe seeking passion and solace mostly in the wrong places." Samantha J. Gust, writing on the Romantic Times Online, commented that "this debut novel is unapologetically frank, intense and intoxicating."

Ballis's second novel, Sleeping Over, features five single women catching up after nearly two years apart. The women talk primarily of their efforts to get ahead in life, particularly in the romance department. However, when some try to put some heat into their romantic tales, tensions arise. "Fans of relationship dramas will appreciate this fine character driven tale that provides unique protagonists approaching similar male issues in radically different manners," wrote Harriet Klausner in a review of Sleeping Over on the Best Reviews Web site.

Room for Improvement features Lily Allen, an interior designer who lands a job on a home improvement/ dating reality show. Although Lily is initially thrilled, she soon must deal with problems, including a bothersome host and a producer who is constantly flirting with her. Add in her own mistakes on the show, and Lily realizes she has a lot to learn about the television business. Stephanie Schneider wrote on the Romantic Times Online that "this book is frequently laugh-out-loud funny."

In the The Spinster Sisters, spinster sisters Jodi and Jill Springold offer advice for singles on their radio show and in their books. However, when Jill lets Jodi know that she may be getting engaged, Jodi fears it's the end of the "Spinster Sisters" franchise.


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Ballis, Stacey 1970-

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