Ableman, Paul 1927-2006

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Ableman, Paul 1927-2006


See index for CA sketch: Born June 13, 1927, in Leeds, Yorkshire, England; died October 25, 2006. Author. Ableman was a prolific author who ignored his initial critical success as a novelist and playwright to explore a wide variety of genres. Born in England, he spent much of his early life in the United States with his mother and stepfather before returning to England. He attended London University for three years, but did not complete a degree. In his twenties, he earned a living by founding a translation agency. Then, in 1957, he published his acclaimed debut novel, I Hear Voices. Also interested in theater, Ableman wrote several stage revues before completing his first full-length play, Green Julia (1965), which was also critically praised. Ableman could have continued in this vein, striving to earn the plaudits of literary reviewers. Instead, he favored experimentation. He explored all types of genres, ranging from nonfiction and poetry to science fiction and television serials. He wrote a series of playlets, and constantly wrote journal entries and other private pieces, most of which he later destroyed. Because he varied his work so considerably, critics and audiences had a difficult time following Ableman's career. He therefore never gained a large audience, and his early acclaimed writings have been forgotten by many, though critics have felt they deserve more attention. Ableman, who was also a prolific book reviewer for periodicals such as the Spectator, was the author of over three dozen plays, novels, television scripts, and other works by the time of his death.



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