Winter Words

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Winter Words. Song-cycle of 8 poems by Thomas Hardy set for high v. and pf., Op.52, by Britten. F.p. Leeds Fest. 1953 (in Harewood House). Title taken from Hardy's last pubd. vol. of poetry, 1928. The songs are: 1. At day-close in November, 2. Midnight on the Great Western, or The journeying boy, 3. Wagtail and Baby, 4. The little old table, 5. The Choirmaster's burial, or The tenor man's story, 6. Proud songsters, thrushes, finches, and nightingales, 7. At the railway station, Upway, or The convict and boy with the violin, 8. Before life and after. Discarded settings The Children and Sir Nameless and If it's ever Spring again f.p. 1985.