Whettam, Graham (Dudley)

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Whettam, Graham (Dudley)

Whettam, Graham (Dudley), English composer; b. Swindon, Sept. 7, 1927. He received guidance from Eric Fenby but otherwise was an autodidact as a musician. He devoted himself principally to composition and the cause of copyright protection. He served as chairman of the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain (1971; 1983-86), and subsequently was its copyright consultant. He withdrew most of his compositions written prior to 1959. Whettam has revealed a fine command of orch. writing. His works have been widely performed in England and on the Continent.


orch: 2 clarinet concertos: No. 1 (Bournemouth, Nov. 5, 1959) and No. 2 (1982; Warwick, Jan. 8, 1983); Introduction and Scherzo impetuoso (1960); Variations for Oboe, Bassoon, and Strings (1961); Sinfonia contra timore (1962; Birmingham, Feb. 25, 1965); Cello Concerto (1962; Manchester, Dec. 1981); Sinfonietta stravagante (1964); Sinfonia concertante (Newcastle upon Tyne, Oct. 1966); The Masque of the Red Death, 2 dance scenes (1968); Sinfonia intrepida (1976; Liverpool, Jan. 18, 1977); Sinfonia drammatica (Jena, March 15, 1978); Hymnos for Strings (1978; adapted from the String Quartet No. 2); Concerto conciso for Strings (Stratford-upon-Avon, Aug. 21, 1981); An English Suite (1984); Symphonic Prelude (1985); Ballade for Violin and Orch. (1988); Concerto Ardente for Horn and Strings (1992; Malvern, June 1993); Les Roseaux au Vent for 2 Oboes, English Horn, and Strings (Utrecht, Oct. 1993). Brass Band: Partita (1975); Invocation (1977). CHAMBER: Prelude, Allegro and Postlude for Flute, Oboe, and Piano (1955); 3 sonatas for Solo Violin (1957, rev. 1987; 1972; 1989); Fantasy for 10 Winds (1960; rev. 1979); 2 oboe quartets (1960, 1973); Music for Brass for 3 Trumpets and 3 Trombones (1964); 3 string quartets: No. 1 (1967), No. 2, Hymnos (1978), and No. 3 (1980); Sextet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, and Piano (1970); Duo declamando for Horn and Piano (1972); Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1975); Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano (1976); Concerto for 10 Winds (1979); Quintetto concertato for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Horn (1979); Serenade for Viola or Clarinet and Guitar (1981); Suite for Timpani (1982); Percussion Partita for 6 Players (1985); Quartet for 4 Horns (1986); Canticles for Horn Quartet and Organ (1987); Clarinet Sonata (1988); Sonata for Solo Cello (1990); Andromeda for Percussion Quartet (1990); Idyll for Horn and Organ (1992); Concerto for Brass Quintet (1993). KEYBOARD: Piano: Prelude, Scherzo, and Elegy (1964; rev. 1986); Prelude and Scherzo impetuoso (1967); Night Music (1969). Organ: Partita (1962); Triptych (1966). VOCAL: The Wounded Surgeon Plies the Steel for Chorus (1959); Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for Chorus and Organ (1961); Missa brevis for Chorus and Organ (1963); Mary Modyr Cum and Se for Chorus and Organ (1963); Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night for 5 Solo Voices or 5-part Chorus (1965); Celebration for Contralto, Chorus, Organ, Orch., Brass Band, and Audience Unisono (1975); On the Beach at Night for Chorus (1979); Consecration for Chorus, Organ, Brass, and Percussion (1982); A Mass for Canterbury for Chorus (1986; Utrecht, June 25, 1988); songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire