Where's Marlowe?

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Where's Marlowe? ★★ 1998 (R)

Sendup of both indie filming and the private eye genre in a b&w and color combo. NYU film school grads Crawley (Def) and Edison (Livingston) decide to make a documentary about private investigators and choose nearly bankrupt L.A. detectives Boone (Ferrer) and Murphy (Slattery) as their subjects. The dicks latest case seems to involve a wife, a mistress, and, soon, Murphy's demise and the two film students decide to lend a more active hand in solving the case. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Miguel Ferrer, John Slattery, John Livingston, Mos Def, Allison Dean, Clayton Rohner, Barbara Howard, Elizabeth Schofield; D: Daniel Pyne; W: Daniel Pyne, John Mankiewicz; C: Greg Gardiner; M: Michael Convertino.