Wesendonck Songs, 5

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Wesendonck Songs, 5 (Fünf Gedichte von Mathilde Wesendonck). Set of 5 songs for v. and pf. by Wagner to poems written by his mistress Mathilde Wesendonck. Comp. Zurich 1857–8. Orch. by Mottl under Wagner's supervision. Arr. for vn. and pf. 1872 by H. Léonard (1819–90). Arr. Henze for high v. and chamber orch. (1979). Träume arr. by Wagner for vn. and orch. Titles of songs are 1. Der Engel (The Angel) 1857, 2. Stehe still! (Stand still!) 1858, 3. Im Treibhaus (In the greenhouse) 1858, 4. Schmerzen (Agonies) 1857, 5. Träume (Dreams) 1857. Themes from Tristan occur in Nos. 3 and 5, which are designated ‘studies for Tristan’. Often called Wesendonck-Lieder. Spelling Wesendonck is accurate; form Wesendonk was not adopted by family until some years after the songs were written.