Vostrák, Zbynek

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Vostřák, Zbyněk

Vostřák, Zbyněk, Czech composer and conductor; b. Prague, June 10,1920; d. Strakonice, Aug. 4,1985. He studied composition privately with Rudolf Karel (1938-43) and attended the conducting classes of Pavel Dëdecek at the Prague Cons. In 1963 he became conductor of the Prague chamber ensemble Musica Viva Pragensis. He also worked in an electronic music studio in Prague. His music evolved from the Central European type of modernism; later he annexed serial techniques, electronic sound, and aleatory practices.


dramatic: Opera: Rohovín čtverrohý (The 4-horned Rohovin; 1947-48; Olomouc, 1949); Kutnohorsti haviri (The King’s Master of the Mint; 1951-53; Prague, 1955); Prazské nokturno (A Prague Nocturne; 1957-58; Usti-on-the-Elbe, 1960); Rozbity dzbán (The Broken Jug; 1960-61; Prague, 1963). B a 1 1 e t : The Primrose (1944-45); FilosofsM historie (A Story of Students of Philosophy; 1949); Viktorka (Little Victoria; 1950); Snëhurka (Snow White; 1955); Veselí vodníci (Jolly Water Sprites; 1978-79). ORCH.: Prague Overture (1941); Zrozeni mëstce (The Birth of the Moon) for Chamber Orch. (1966; Prague, March 8, 1967); Kyvadlo ëasu (The Pendulum of Time) for Cello, 4 Instrumental Groups, and Electric Organ (1966-67; Donaueschingen, Oct. 19, 1968); Metahudba (Metamusic) (1968; Prague, March 2, 1970); Tajemstvi elipsy (The Secret of Ellipsis) (1970; Prague, March 5, 1971); Parablefor Orch. and Tape (1976-77); Kapesni vesmir (The Pocket Universe) for Flute, Dulcimer, and Strings (1980-81); The Cathedral (1982); The Crystalsfor English Horn, Strings, and Percussion (1983); Piano Concerto (1984). CHAMBER: Elementsfor String Quartet (1964); Synchroniafor 6 Instruments (1965); Trigonumfor Violin, Oboe, and Piano (1965); Kosmogoniafor String Quartet (1968); Sextantfor Wind Quintet (1969); Fair Playfor Harpsichord and 6 Instruments (1978); String Quartet No. 4 (1979); The Secret of the Rosefor Organ, Brass Quintet, and Percussion (1985); piano works. OTHER: Tape pieces.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire