Verne (real name, Wurm)

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Verne (real name, Wurm)

Verne (real name, Wurm), family of English pianists, all sisters. They adopted the name Verne in 1893.

(1) Mathilde Verne, b. Southampton, May 25, 1865; d. London, June 4, 1936. She studied with her parents, and then became a pupil of Clara Schumann in Frankfurt am Main. She was very successful in England, and from 1907 to 1936 gave concerts of chamber music in London. She was a renowned teacher.

(2) Alice Verne Bredt, b. Southampton, Aug. 9,1868; d. London, April 12, 1958. She was best known as a piano teacher, but she also composed pedagogical works.

(3) Adela Verne, b. Southampton, Feb. 27, 1877; d. London, Feb. 5, 1952. She studied with her sisters, and later took lessons from Paderewski in Switzerland. Returning to London, she developed a successful career, and became extremely popular as a concert player in England; also made tours in the U.S.


M. Verne, Chords of Remembrance (London, 1936).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Verne (real name, Wurm)

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