Verikovsky, Mikhail (Ivanovich)

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Verikovsky, Mikhail (Ivanovich)

Verikovsky, Mikhail (Ivanovich), Ukrainian conductor, teacher, and composer; b. Kremenetz, Nov. 20, 1896; d. Kiev, June 14, 1962. He was a pupil of Yavorsky at the Kiev Cons. He was conductor of the operas in Kiev (1926-28) and Kharkov (1928-35), and also director of the opera studio of the Kharkov Inst. of Music and Drama (1934-35). In 1946 he became a prof, at the Kiev Cons. He composed the first Ukrainian ballet, Pan Kanyovsky (1930).


dramatic: Opera: Dela nebesniye (Heavenly Things; 1932); Sotnik (The Ensign; 1938); Naymichka (For Purchase; 1943); Batrachka (The Maid; 1946); Basnya o chertopolokhe i roze (The Fable of the Thistle and the Rose; 1948); Begletsi (Fugitives; 1948); Slava (Glory; 1961). Musical C o m e d y : Viy (1946). Ballet: Pan Kanyovsky (1930). OTHER: Orch. music; chamber music; piano pieces; oratorios and cantatas on political themes; choruses; songs.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire