Utendal, Alexander

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Utendal, Alexander

Utendal, Alexander, Netherlandish composer; b. c. 1535; d. Innsbruck, May 7, 1581. He entered the service of the Habsburgs at an early age. He became an alto in the court choir of the emperor’s son, Archduke Ferdinand, in Prague in 1564. He followed his patron to Innsbruck when the latter became governor of the Tirol in 1566. From about 1572 until his death he was deputy Kapellmeister in the court chapel.


(all publ. in Nuremberg): 7 psalmi poenitentiales (1570); Sacrarum cantionumfor 5 Voices (1571); Sacrae cantionesfor 6 and More Voices (1573); 3 missaefor 5 to 6 Voices (1573); Fröliche neue teutsche und frantzösiche Liederfor 4 to 5 and More Voices (1574); Liber3 sacrarum cantionumfor 5 to 6 Voices (1577); Responsoria (1586); other works in contemporary collections and MSS.


J. Lechthaler, Die kirchenmusikalischen Werke von A. U.(diss., Univ. of Vienna, 1919).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire