Tsoupaki, Calliope

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Tsoupaki, Calliope

Greek pianist and composer; b. Piraeus, May 27,1963. She studied piano and theory at the Hellinicon Cons. in Athens, then entered the composition class of Yannis Ionnithis at the Nikos Skalkottas Cons. (1985). In 1988 she settled in The Hague, where she continued her studies with Louis Andriessen and with Gilus van Bergeyk and Dick Raaijmakers (electronic composition) at the Royal Cons. of Music; also attended summer courses with Xenakis (1985), Messiaen (1987), and Boulez (1988) at Darmstadt. In 1991 and 1993 her music was performed at the Gaudeamus International Music Week in Amsterdam; in 1993 she was a composer-in-residence at Budapest’s Pépinières for Young Artists Foundation. In 1995 she was a featured composer at the “Other Minds’’ Festival in San Francisco.


dramatic: Music Theater Nadere kenmismaking (1995). ORCH. : Eclipse (1986). CHAMBER: Earinonfor 8 Horns and Percussion (1986); Krystallina Ymeneafor Chamber Ensemble (1986); Orfikonfor Viola (1986); Revealing Momentfor Alto Flute (1987); Touch of a Silent Echofor Oboe, Viola, Cello, Percussion, and Piano (1987); Silver Momentsfor 2 Pianos and 2 Percussion Players (1987); Maniafor Amplified Violin (1988); Nocturnal Sounds...and the Ivy Leafs Are Tremblingfor Cello and Piano (1988); Music for Saxophonesfor Saxophone Quartet (1989); Visions of the Nightfor Amplified Chamber Ensemble (1989); When I Was 27for Amplified Viola and Double Bass (1990); Kentavrosfor Wind Ensemble, Double Bass, and Piano (1991); Episodefor Chamber Ensemble (1991); Song for Fourfor String Quartet (1991); Dancefor 16 Oboes (1991); Echoing Purplefor Violin and Chamber Ensemble (1992); Eros and Psychefor Wind Octet and Double Bass (1992); Orphic Fieldsfor Flute, 2 Harps, and 2 Pianos (1993); Compulsive Caressfor Guitar (1993); Phantomfor Tuba (1994); Her Voicefor Harp (1994); Sweet if you Likefor Electric Guitar, Tuba, Double Bass, and Percussion (1994); Charavgifor Alto (“Ganassi”) Recorder (1994); Ethrafor Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Harp (1995); Bluefor Oboe (1995); Pas de deuxfor Harp (1995); Kettingfor 3 Ensembles (1995; in collaboration with others). KEYBOARD :Piano: Echoes of a Deep Sea,children’s piece (1988); Moments Iand II (1988); Greek Dance (1990); Ananda (1991). Harpsichord: Common Passion (1993). VOCAL: For Alwaysfor Women’s Voice, Tape, and Lights (1989); Your Thoughtfor Voice, Tape, and Lighting (1989); Paraklitikonfor Vocal Ensemble (1990); Sappho’s Tearsfor Violin, Tenor Recorder, and Woman’s Voice (1990); Melos Hidistonfor Woman’s Voice, Tenor Recorder, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, and Piano (1991); Offerandeand Untitled Lovefor Woman’s Voice and Fortepiano (1993); Epigrammafor Chorus and Orch. (1995); Lineosfor Chorus and Ensemble (1995).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire