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Takt (Ger.). (a) ‘Time’ (b) ‘Beat’ (c) ‘Measure’ (i.e. bar). So im Takt, ‘in time’ (= ‘A tempo’); ein Takt wie vorher zwei, ‘one beat as previously two’ (one beat allowed as much time as two beats previously).

 Among compounds and derivatives of Takt, are: Taktart, ‘time-species’—duple, triple, etc.; taktfest (‘time-firm’), ‘in steady time’; Takt halten, ‘to hold (keep) time’; taktieren, ‘to beat time’; Taktschlag (‘time-stroke’), ‘beat’; Taktzeichen (‘time-sign’), ‘signature’; Taktwechsel, ‘time-change’; taktmässig (‘time moderated’), generally meaning the same as ‘tempo comodo’; Taktmesser (time-measure), ‘metronome’; Taktnote (‘bar-note’), ‘semibreve’; Taktpause, ‘measure-rest’ (i.e. bar-rest); Taktstock (‘time-stick’), ‘baton’; Taktstrich (‘bar-stroke’), ‘bar-line’; taktig, ‘bar-ish’, in such connection as 3-taktig, ‘three-bar-ish’, i.e. having 3-bar (3-measure) phrases.