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Ruckers , celebrated family of Flemish harpsichord makers. Hans Ruckers , “the elder” (b. Mechelen, c. 1545; d. Antwerp, 1598), was the first instrument maker in the family. His second son, Johannes Ruckers , also known as Hans or Jan Ruckers (b. Antwerp [baptized], Jan. 15, 1578; d. there, April 24, 1643), was greatly esteemed by his contemporaries. Andreas or Andries Ruckers, “the elder” (b. Antwerp [baptized], Aug. 15, 1579; d. after 1645), built harpsichords between 1601 and 1644. Andreas or Andries Ruckers, “the younger” (b. Antwerp [baptized], March 31, 1607; d. there, before 1667), son of the elder Andreas, made instruments from 1637.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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