Renié, Henriette

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Renié, Henriette

Renié, Henriette , eminent French harpist, pedagogue, and composer; b. Paris, Sept. 18, 1875; d. there, March 1, 1956. She studied with Alphonse Hasselmans at the Paris Cons., receiving the premier prix for harp at the age of 11; then entered the classes of Lenepveu and Dubois in harmony and composition. She performed her own Harp Concerto at the Concerts Lamoureux in Paris on March 24, 1901. She taught at the Paris Cons., numbering among her students Marcel Grandjany. Among her other works were Pièce symphonique for Harp and Orch., Légende et Danse caprice for Harp and Orch., numerous solo harp pieces, chamber music, and songs.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire