Phalèse, Pierre

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Phalèse, Pierre

Phalèse, Pierre, Flemish music publisher; b. Louvain, c. 1510; d. there, c. 1575. He established a music publishing business in 1545. The printing was done elsewhere, and it was not until 1553 that Phalèse began to print on the premises in Louvain. From 1570 he worked in association with Jean Bellère of Antwerp;. He was also assisted by his sons, Corneille and Pierre Phalèse the Younger (b. Louvain, c. 1550; d. Antwerp, March 13, 1629). Corneille left the business before his father’s death and settled in Antwerp as a schoolmaster; Pierre the Younger took over the enterprise, with Bellère continuing his association until his death in 1595.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire