Pastoral Symphony

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Pastoral Symphony.
1. sym. No.6 in F major, Op.68, by Beethoven, comp. 1807–8, f.p. Vienna 1808. A ‘programme symphony’ in which birdsong and a storm are represented. Each movt. has a title, viz., ‘Awakening of happy feelings on arriving in the country’, ‘By the brook’, ‘Joyous gathering of country folk—storm’, ‘Shepherd's song; happy and thankful feelings after the storm’.

2. 3rd Sym. by Vaughan Williams comp. 1916–21, rev. 1950–1, f.p. London 1922. Last movt. has wordless solo for sop. (or cl.).

3. Short orch. movt. in Handel's Messiah, depicting calm of first Christmas Eve.