Novello & Co.

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Novello & Co.

Novello & Co., one of the world’s leading music publishing firms. Vincent Novello began editing and publishing works at his own expense in London in 1811. His son, (Joseph) Alfred Novello, became active with his father at age 19, and the two developed their activities into the successful commercial enterprise known as Novello & Co. The firm prospered by publishing affordable eds. of the classics, concentrating on the choral literature. Henry Littleton (b. London, Jan. 2, 1823; d. there, May 11, 1888) joined the business in 1841. Following the retirement of the younger Novello in 1856, he became manager of the firm; subsequently was made a partner (1861) and sole proprietor (1866). He acquired the business of Ewer and Co. in 1867, creating the firm of Novello, Ewer & Co. On his retirement in 1887 he was succeeded by his sons, Alfred H. and Augustus J. Littleton, and his sons-in-law, George T.S. Gill and Henry W. Brooke. In 1898 the firm became Novello & Co., Ltd. It became a part of the Granada group of companies in 1970. In addition to bringing out works by leading English composers of the 20th century, it also publ, the highly respected music journal Musical Times; founded in 1844 by Joseph Mainzer, it was acquired by Novello in 1846 and remains the oldest continuously issued music periodical in the world. It was publ, by Orpheus Publications from 1988.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire