Niimi, Tokuhide

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Niimi, Tokuhide

Niimi, Tokuhide, Japanese composer; b. Nagoya, Aug. 5, 1947. After graduating from the Univ. of Tokyo (1970), he studied composition with Miyoshi, Noda, Yashiro, and Mamiya at the Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music (1971–78). He taught at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo and served on the board of directors of the Japanese Composers Society.


orch.: Percussion Concerto (1973); 2 syms. (1981; with chorus, 1986); Waving for Japanese Drums and Orch. (1982); 2 piano concertos (1984; Eyes of the Creator, 1993); Ohju (1986); Heteorhythmix (1991); Chain of Life for Small Orch. (1993); Fu Sui-win for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta (1995); Fujin-Raijin for Japanese Drum, Organ, and Orch. (1995–97); The Cosmic Tree for Japanese Instrument and Orch. (1996); Towards the Silence (1998). chamber:Enlaçage II for 3 Percussionists (1978) and III for 2 Marimbas and 2 Percussionists (1980); Fuin I for Saxophone and Cello (1987) and II for 3 Shakuhachis (1988); Ohju for Cello (1987); Kazane for Clarinet, Violin, and Cello (1989); Far Away from the Far Past, concerto for 17-String Koto and Koto Ensemble (1987); Planets Dance for 6 Percussionists (1993); String Quartet (1994); Tree in a Dream for Marimba and String Quartet (1996); Garden in the Light for Piano and String Quartet (1997); Fairy Ring for Clarinet and Piano (1998). keyboard: piano:In the Twilight, preludes for 2 Pianos (1983); Various Divines (1983); 3 Valses for Piano Duet (1986); Preludes of the Wind (1992). organ:Wind Spiral (1991). vocal:Enlaçage I for Chorus and Orch. (1977); Under Blue Skies for Children’s Chorus, Mixed Chorus, and Orch. (1986); Au-Mi for Soprano, Violin, Cello, and Piano (1989); also choruses; songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire