McDonough, Dick (actually, Richard)

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McDonough, Dick (actually, Richard)

McDonough, Dick (actually, Richard), early jazz guitarist, banjo player; b. N.Y., July 30, 1904; d. there, May 25, 1938. Throughout the late 1920s and 1930s, McDonough took part in hundreds of recordings with Red Nichols, Sam Lanin, Dorsey Brothers, and many others. He worked in duet with Carl Kress during the 1930s, and led his own radio and recording band; his single-string leads and imaginative chord work set a new standard for acoustic jazz guitar. McDonough collapsed while working at the NBC studios in N.Y., was taken to a hospital where an emergency operation failed to save his life


Chasing a Buck (1934).

—John Chilton, Who’s Who of Jazz/Lewis Porter

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McDonough, Dick (actually, Richard)

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