Markuli, Friedrich Wilhelm

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Markuli, Friedrich Wilhelm

Markuli, Friedrich Wilhelm, German organist, pianist, and composer; b. Reichenbach, near Elbing, Prussia, Feb. 17, 1816; d. Danzig, April 30, 1887. He studied organ and composition with F. Schneider in Dessau. He became a church organist in Danzig (1836), and also conductor of the Gesangverein there; likewise appeared as a pianist. He wrote 3 operas for Danzig: Maja und Alpino, oder Die bezauberte Rose (Dec. 23,1843), Der König von Zion (March 22, 1850), and Das Walpurg-isfest (Jan. 14, 1855). Other works include syms., 2 oratorios (1845, 1856), organ pieces, piano music, and many songs.


W. Neumann, F.W. M.(Kassel, 1857).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire