Kauffmann, Georg Friedrich

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Kauffmann, Georg Friedrich

Kauffmann, Georg Friedrich , German organist and composer; b. Ostermondra, Thuringia, Feb. 14, 1679; d. Merseburg, Feb. 24, 1735. After keyboard training with J.H. Buttstett in Erfurt, he was a student of J.F. Alberti (keyboard and composition) in Merseburg. In 1698 he became Alberti’s deputy organist, and in 1710 he succeeded his mentor as court and cathedral organist. Kauffmann later served as director of church music for the Duke of Saxe-Merseburg. In 1722 he went to Leipzig to compete for the post of Kantor at the Thomaskirche, a post eventually given to J.S. Bach. As a composer, Kauffmann’s greatest legacy is found in his outstanding collection of 98 preludes on 63 chorales and 66 figured bass settings for organ that were publ. as the Harmonische Seelenlust musikalischer Gönner und Freunde, das ist: Kurtze, jedoch nach besondern Genie und guter Grace elaborirte Praeludia von 2, 3 und 4 Stimmen über die bekanntesten Choral-Lieder (Leipzig, 1733-36; ed. by P. Pidoux, 2 vols., Kassel, 1951). Among his other works are the oratorio Die Himmelfahrt Christii and several church cantatas.


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Kauffmann, Georg Friedrich

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