Kasparov, Yuri

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Kasparov, Yuri

Kasparov, Yuri , Armenian composer; b. Moscow, June 8, 1955. He began his music training in childhood. He studied at the Moscow Power Inst. (1972–78), qualifying as an engineer. After further training at a music college (1978–80), he studied with Tchulaki at the Moscow Cons. (1980–84), where he later pursued postgraduate studies with Denisov (1989–91). In 1984 he joined the Central Studio of Documentary Films in Moscow, where he was ed.- in-chief from 1985 to 1989. He was also founder-artistic director of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble from 1990, with which he presented many modern works. In 1985 his first Sym., Guernica, won 1st prize in the All-Union Composers Competition. In 1989 his Ave Maria for 12 Voices, Violin, Vibraphone, and Organ received 1st prize in the Guido d’Arezzo International Composers Competition in Italy. In his works, Kasparov follows an advanced course reflective of contemporary trends.


dramatic mono operaNevermore (1991).orch 2 syms.: No. 1, Guernica (1984; Moscow, June 29, 1994) and No. 2, Kreutzer (Yaroslavl, Jan. 30, 1987); Uncos (1988; Norrköping, April 3, 1990); Oboe Concerto (1988; Moscow, Nov. 30, 1991); Diffusion (1988; Cheliabinsk, May 22, 1989); Silencium, chamber sym. (1989; Moscow, April 27, 1990); Devil’s Trills for Chamber Orch. (Moscow, Dec. 14, 1990); Over Eternal Peace, chamber concerto for Bassoon and 14 Players (Zürich, Nov. 14, 1992); Concerto for Orchestra (1993).chamberEpitaph in Memory of Alban Berg for Oboe, Violin, Harp, and Percussion (1988); Invention for String Quartet (Moscow, Oct. 19, 1989); Notturno for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano (1989; Cologne, Sept. 15, 1991); Sonata-Infernale for Bassoon (1989; Frankfurt am Main, Aug. 14, 1992); Sketch of Picture with Collage for Violin, Trumpet, and Piano (1990); Variations for Clarinet and Piano (1990); Cantus firmus for Violin (1990); Credo for Organ (1990); Postludio for Harp (1990); Landscape Fading into Infinity for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano (1991; Frankfurt am Main, Sept. 24, 1992); Goat’s Song for Bassoon, Double Bass, and Percussion (1991; Valencia, May 8, 1994); Chaconne for Bassoon, Cello, and Electronics (1992; Paris, Feb. 15, 1993); Schoenberg’s Space for Violin, Cello, and Piano (Hamburg, Nov. 14, 1993); Game of Gale for Tenor Saxophone, Marimba, and Piano (1994); Briefly About Serious Matters for Trombone and Organ (1994).vocalAve Maria for 12 Soloists, Violin, Organ, and Vibraphone (1989; Moscow, Nov. 18, 1990); Stabat Mater for Soprano and String Quartet (1991); Effet de Nuit for Bass-Baritone, Clarinet, Horn, Piano, Vibraphone, and Cello (1996).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire