Kašlík, Václav

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Kašlík, Václav

Kašlík, Václav, Czech conductor, opera producer, and composer; b. Policn â, Sept. 28, 1917; d. Prague, June 4, 1989. He took courses in theory and aesthetics at the Charles Univ. in Prague (1936–39). He received training in composition with Karel and A. Hâba and in conducting with Dolezil and D ëdecek at the Prague Cons. (1936–40), completing his studies in conducting in Talichs master classes there (1940–42). From 1941 to 1944 he was asst. director of the National Theater in Prague. He was principal conductor and opera producer in Brno (1944–45). Upon returning to Prague, he was director of the 5th of May Theater (1945–8); subsequently was an opera producer and conductor with the National Theater; also conducted at the Smetana Theater (1952–62). In addition to his long association with the National Theater, he was a guest producer in Leningrad, Moscow, Milan, Vienna, London, Geneva, Verona, and Houston. In 1956 he was awarded the Klement Gottwald State Prize and in 1958 was made an Honored Artist by the Czech government. His productions were noteworthy for their use of film, experimental lighting, stereophonic sound, and other modern innovations.


dramatic operaZbojnickâ balada (The Brigand ’s Ballad; 1939-2; Prague, June 17, 1948; rev. 1978; Prague, Oct. 2, 1986); Kfizova cesta (The Way of the Cross; 1941-45; unfinished); Krakatit (Czech TV, March 5, 1961); La strada (1980; Prague, Jan. 13, 1982); Krysar (Pied Piper; 1983; Plzen, Oct. 27, 1984). Ballet: Don Juan (1940); Janoëtk (1950); Prazsky karneval (1954). Also film scores.orchVesnicka symfonie (1955); Slavnostic, symphonic triptych (1981). chamber String Quartet (1938).vocalDramatic Cantata (1944).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire