Hiller, Lejaren

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Hiller, Lejaren (b NY, 1924; d Buffalo, 1994). Amer. composer. Worked as research chemist; experimented in composition with computers, collaborating with Leonard Isaacson with whom in 1957 he produced Illiac Suite (named after the computer). This was first computer-composition. Dir., experimental mus. studio, Illinois Univ. 1958–68; prof of comp., State Univ. of NY, Buffalo, from 1968 (prof. of mus. from 1980). Works incl. pf. conc. (1949); 2 syms. (1953, 1960); Computer Cantata (1963); 7 Electronic Studies (1963); Rage over the Lost Beethoven (1972); 7 str. qts.; 6 pf. sonatas; and many works for stage, films, and TV.