Heugel, Johannes

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Heugel, Johannes

Heugel, Johannes, German composer; b. c. 1505; d. Kassel, by Jan. 31, 1585. He entered the service of the Hesse court in Kassel about 1533 as a trumpeter and singer. From 1547 he fulfilled the duties of a Kapellmeister, and also was active as a court composer. His music reflects the influence of the post-Josquin Flemish school. Among his almost 500 compositions are 20 Magnificat settings, over 150 motets, 16 Psalm motets, many German Psalms, and sacred German songs.


S. Cramer, J. H. (ca. 1510-1584/85): Studien zu seinen lateinischen Motetten (Kassel, 1994).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire