Heath, Dave

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Heath, Dave (b Manchester, 1956). Eng. composer and flautist. Had a jazz band in London while studying fl. Won Wavendon Allmusic Comp. of the Year Award, 1990, for composers who wrote mus. which crosses barriers between classical, jazz, rock, and other types. Several of his works perf. by Nigel Kennedy. Many of his rhythms are rock based, with tonal harmonies. Works incl.:ORCH.: Rise from the Dark (1984); The Frontier, str. (1989); Out of the Cool, vn., orch. (orch. version of chamber work, 1989); Cry from the Wild: Flute Concerto No.1, fl., orch. (1991); The Connemara: Flute Concerto No.2, fl., str. (1992); Alone at the Frontier, improvised solo instr., ch., orch. (1992).CHAMBER MUSIC: Rumania, fl., vn. or sax., pf. (1979); Coltrane, solo wind instr. (1979); Beyond the Dark, fl., hp. (1985); On Fire, vc. or vn., pf. (1986); Forest, fl., cl. or hp., str. qt. (1988); Gorbachev, pf. trio (1993).PIANO: Fight the Lion (1982).